Teledyne Continental

AVDS-1790-2DA Series V-12 Diesel Engines

Teledyne Continental (Continental Motors and Continental Aerospace Technologies) was the original manufacturer of the AVDS-1790-2DA Series V-12 Diesel Engine. It was later replaced by L3 Combat Propulsion Systems which was a division of L3 Harris through Acquisition. In 2022, L3 Combat Propulsion Systems was acquired by Renk America, a division of Renk Group headquartered in Germany.

History of Teledyne Continental

  • 1905: The Continental Motors Company was born with the introduction of a four-cylinder, four stroke cycle L-head engine operated by a single camshaft
  • 1929: Continental Aircraft Engine Company was formed as a spin-off from the Continental Motors Company when they produced its first Aircraft Engine, the A-70 170HP Engine
  • 1930: The A-40 37HP engine was introduced
  • 1938: The A-50 50HP engine was introduced as used in the Taylor Cub and Piper Cub aircraft
  • 1939: The Continental Aircraft Engine Company begin building aircraft engines for use in British and American Tanks in the Second World War. The use of aircraft engines was revolutionary and provided some dominance on the battle field from their high power versus weight ratio advantage
  • 1940: Continental Aviation and Engineering (CAE) was developed to produce aircraft engines over 500HP and their wartime contracts placed their revenue in the highest echelons of all wartime contractors
  • 1930: The A-65 90HP engine was introduced
  • 1969: Teledyne acquired Continental Motors which became Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM)
  • 1969: The Tiara Series of High-Output engines were introduced
  • 1984: The TSIO-520-BE engine for the Piper PA-46 was introduced
  • 1997: NASA selected Continental to develop and produce GAP, a new 200HP (150KW) piston engine to operate on Jet-A fuel
  • 2008: Teledyne Continental announced that the company was very concerned about future availability of 100LL avgas and as a result would develop a diesel engine in the 300 hp (220 kW) range for certification in 2009 or 2010
  • 2010: Continental's parent Teledyne announced that Teledyne Continental Motors, Teledyne Mattituck Services, and its general aviation piston engine business would be sold to Technify Motor (USA) Ltd, a subsidiary of AVIC International, for US$186 million in cash. AVIC is a Chinese state-owned aerospace company. In May 2011, the transaction was reported as complete and the company renamed Continental Motors, Inc
  • 2013: The company bought diesel aircraft engine manufacturer Thielert from bankruptcy for an undisclosed sum. Thielert will become an operating division of Continental and will be renamed Technify Motors GmbH
  • 2019: The company name was changed from Continental Motors, Inc. to Continental Aerospace Technologies