AVDS-1790-2DA Parts, Components and Assemblies

New, Remanufactured and Surplus Spare Parts, Components and Assemblies for the AVDS-1790-2DA Diesel Engine

NSN Lookup manufactures, stocks and remanufactures new, remanufactured and surplus spare parts, components and assemblies for the AVDS-1790-2 Series Engines

Spare Parts, Components and Assemblies

AVDS-1790-2DA Maintenance Parts Supplies and Component Remanufacturing

The AVDS-1790-2DA Engine contains more than 4000 individual components. Many components are single-use items and considered disposable, but a significant percentage of parts are recoverable for re-use once inspected, reconditioned and re-certified. In fact, NSN Lookup prides itself on providing advanced capabilities of recovering more components for re-use for the AVDS-1790-2DA Engine than any other remanufacturer. NSN Lookup has advanced inspection capabilities that can measure the re-useability of even the smallest components. We have invested in technologies that allow us to recondition components through technologies such as metal spraying, aerospace certified epoxy repair, computerized welding, metal plate stripping, electroplating, chemical stripping and refinish, paint lines and advanced CNC machining that allow us to recover the maximum number of components from any AVDS-1790-2DA to beat the growing wave of obsolesence in the supply chain for this engine.

Advanced Metrological Facilities

We use the most advanced measuring facilities including laser 3D Scanning to 0.0001" precision to be able to determine the remanufacturing outcome and repair needs of parts. We use these facilities to ensure compliance with the latest NMWR and OEM specifications for each and every component we use in our remanufacturing whether we are recovering the part from a used engine or accepting a batch of newly manufactured parts from the factory. This ensures exacting performance in everyone of our engine builds.

State of the Art CNC Facilities

NSN Lookup has invested in its CNC Facilities allowing all machining operations to be precise and repeatable with superior accuracy. NSN Lookup has fully certified and calibrated machining centers for AVDS crankshafts, camshafts, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, driveshafts and many other mechanical components.

Refinishing Line

Many of the components of AVDS-1790 engines require final finishes such as electroplating and painting. NSN Lookup owns and operates its own electroplating line for Cadmium and Zinc plating of components, dip tanks for aluminum passivation and Paint Booths (manual and automated) for the application of MIL-STD coatings such as CARC. In fact, most of the AVDS engines we remanufacture use CARC Paint Coatings which are superior to the OEM specified Enamel coatings providing both superior lifetime from corrosion and superior clean-up in service from contamination with fluids such as fuel and lubricating oil. This attention to detail greatly prolongs the lifecycle of the remanufactured engine in service.

Factory New Parts

NSN Lookup houses the blueprints for every component of the AVDS-1790-2DA engine. We have a production facility in-house for many components including hoses, cables, machined parts, stamped parts, sheet metal, welded hardware, thermal treatments, chemical treatments, plasma cutting, laser cutting and water jet cutting. We manufacture many items daily including gaskets, hoses, cables, hardware, fasteners and decals on demand. Most service parts are available on demand from our inventory.