AVDS-1790-2DA Engine Overhaul and Remanufacturing

AVDS-1790-2DA Series V-12 Diesel Engines

NSN Lookup performs AVDS engine remanufacturing to the US Army NMWR Standards. Every AVDS-1790-2DA engine, whether it is a core engine returned from the end user or a core engine from our inventory, is stripped down to individual components. Each component is inspected in accordance with NMWR-2815-220 and all mandatory replacement components are replaced before the engine is run-in and acceptance tested in our on-site or mobile Dyno facilities. The engines are precisely calibrated and qualified for battle-ready service, delivered in a fully preserved condition. This is a premium service which we perform for the US Army and many other NATO forces. NSN Lookup is recognized as one of the highest quality and highest volume remanufacturers of AVDS-1790-2DA Engines.

The AVDS-1790-2DA Engine with Container, Part Number 5705271 and NSN 2815-01-166-2051 consists of the AVDS-1790-2DA Diesel Engine Part Number 12314641 NSN 2815-01-166-2074 and the Shipping and Storage Container Part Number 10912269 NSN 8145-00-856-8147.

AVDS Overhaul and Remanufacturing Excellence

Remanufacturing Facilities

Our remanufacturing facilities are located within Port Canaveral in Florida, USA. Every component of the AVDS engine is requalified or remanufactured in-house. NSN Lookup maintains state of the art Metrological Facilities for measuring components to enable precise requalification of used parts and acceptance of remanufactured and newly manufactured parts. Advanced CNC machining centers are used to remanufacture components with precise quality and repeatability. A full metal de-plating and plating line allows components requiring passivating plating to be remanufactured in accordance with the original specification. Finally, an advanced paint application line enables NSN Lookup to coat components with military specification coatings such as CARC paints which ensures long service life of the remanufactured engine.

Phosphate Coating Facilities

NSN Lookup performs TT-C-490E, Type I, light phosphate coating for ferrous metals as a paint base only and MIL-DTL-16232G, heavy phosphate coating to be used on ferrous metal for corrosion protection when paint will not be applied. There are more than 300 components of the AVDS-1790-2DA engine that require these treatments during the remanufacturing process.

Non-Ferrous Metal Coating Facilities

NSN Lookup performs chemical conversion film coating for aluminum and aluminum alloys. MIL-C-5541E, Type I is used as a touchup for damaged anodic coating. Anodic MIL-A-8625F film costing is used for for aluminum and aluminum alloys and as a paint base and is applied in accordance with the component detail drawings.

Non-Destructive Crack Testing

NSN Lookup performs liquid penetrant inspection in accordance with ASTM-E-1417, fluorescent and visible dye, which is used to detect cracks and flaws in non-ferrous metallic components. Magnetic Particle Inspection in accordance with ASTM-E-1444 is used to detect cracks or flaws in ferrous (ferromagnetic) metallic components.

Repair of Metallic Components

In accordance with NMWR-2815-220 and ancillary authorizations by US Army TACOM, NSN Lookup performs plating to SAE-AMS-QQ-C-320, SAE- AMS 2404E and SAE AMS-C-26074 to rebuild undersize or oversize surfaces of components. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous welding methods are also used to repair components. The latest authorizations that NSN Lookup has received for component repair processes include the use of advanced epoxy based metallic compounds for the repair of commonly degraded components. The driving purpose for NSN Lookup and TACOM in authorizing these processes is to maximize the reclamation of used components during the remanufacturing process both reducing cost and improving our recycling performance.

Electrical Accessory Remanufacturing

NSN Lookup has the capabilities in-house to remanufacture the electrical accessories of the AVDS-1790-2DA engine such as:

Starter Motor (NSN 2920-01-139-3722, Part Numbers 1990272, 10479323, 11669795)

Cylinder Head Remanufacturing

NSN Lookup provides in-house remanufacturing of the AVDS-1790-2DA cylinder heads.

NSN Part Number
2815-00-150-7405 10951304 (10951221) AVDS-1790-2DA Cylinder Head, Standard
2815-00-213-0834 10951304-1 (10951221-1) AVDS-1790-2DA Cylinder Head, 0.010" Oversize
2815-00-213-0835 10951304-2 (10951221-2) AVDS-1790-2DA Cylinder Head, 0.020" Oversize
2815-00-213-0836 10951304-3 (10951221-3) AVDS-1790-2DA Cylinder Head, 0.030" Oversize
2815-00-213-0837 10951304-4 (10951221-4) AVDS-1790-2DA Cylinder Head, 0.040" Oversize

Each cylinder head is stripped to its individual components and subjected to an intense cleaning process. The cylinder barrel is crack tested and then machined with custom designed CNC honing equipment to meet the exacting standard required for re-certification for used in a remanufactured AVDS-1790-2DA engine. The cylinder head components are inspected and replaced as required. The cylinder is pressure tested to ensure the valve operation. Finally, paint and preservative coatings are applied in accordance with the component drawings.

Injection Pump Remanufacturing

NSN Lookup remanufactures the AVDS-1790-2DA Injection Pump in-house. The Injection Pump is an American Bosch (AMBAC) PSB-12BT pump with two injection heads known by the part numbers 11684129-1 and KT8818 as well as NSN 2910-01-073-0124. The calibration and performance of the injection pump is critical to the operation and performance of the AVDS-1790-2DA engine. Each pump is remanufactured in accordance with the US Army standards and those of the OEM. NSN Lookup operates dedicated computerized test bench for the test and calibration of this pump. Each pump is run-in for 6 hours of operation before calibration begins. The pump is calibrated for precise fuel balance between cylinders and fuel flow at Idle, High-Idle Cut-off, Full-Rack and Droop. This calibration can only be done using this test bench and cannot be performed with the pump installed into the AVDS engine. Correct calibration of the Injection Pump is the key to success of any maintenance to be performed on an AVDS-1790-2DA engine. NSN Lookup performs Injection Pump test and calibration services to many end users worldwide as part of their routine maintenance of the AVDS-1790-2DA engine.

Oil Pump Remanufacturing

NSN Lookup remanufactures the AVDS-1790-2DA Lubrication Oil Pump which has part numbers of 12468945, E8AR106-016 and NSN 2815-01-433-9603. This critical component requires significant attention and rigorous testing before re-certification for use in an AVDS-1790-2DA engine. NSN Lookup uses a custom test bench to ensure that every oil pump is fully qualified for use in accordance with NMWR-2815-220.

Turbocharger Remanufacturing

NSN Lookup remanufactures the AVDS-1790-2DA Turbocharger models 5HDR and T18C01, NSN 2950-01-167-1700 and 2950-01-167-1699, Part Numbers 12275893-1, 187727, 466392-5001 and 466392-1. The turbochargers are precision devices requiring detailed inspection, repair and recertification. The extreme thermal stresses of this component can often lead to premature failure when the turbo is not re-certified for use correctly. NSN Lookup uses original parts and advanced ceramic coatings to ensure high performance and longetivity in service of each and every one of its remanufactured AVDS-1790-2DA turbos.